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I am writing in English because among my students, friends and colleagues the % of those who speak English is higher than the one of those who speak Italian. May be sometimes I’ll go back to Italian, … but I will use pictures, ok?

This blog is about marketing, consumer behavior, and consumer culture. All of those weird things that we (all of us, professors, students, common people, … even politicians) do as consumers. We do consume all day long and often we do consume two, three, or more things at the same time. As I am actually using a computer, a word processor, an internet connection, while I wear my shorts (it’s damn hot here in July), I listen to my music, and I can hardly wait for 8 pm when our baby sitter will arrive and Valeria and I will go out for dinner in one of our favorite places. We consume even during the night, when our dreams appear as true and will suggest what to struggle for the day after: a new car? A new flat? A new pair of shoes?



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